Oct 24, 2013

Chaos, Infatuation, and the Roller Coaster of Love

Often times we equate love with these emotional highs and lows. We get so used to the chaos and those brink of the edge feelings we don't even recognize that's not what love is supposed to feel like. Then when we get into something stable and healthy we get bored and sabotage it. Recreating that cycle of roller coaster emotions. The only way to stop this is to live consciously in the moment. Is being upset and feeling lonely because the person you are with is not giving you the proper attention, love? No, what you are feeling is despair and hopelessness, and clinging to any shred of attention so when you get it you feel elated and euphoric. Why are you allowing someone to disregard you making you an option, so they can pull you down from the shelf when they feel so inclined? Stop. You are all you need. No one is going to fill your voids until you do. Once you have mastered the ability to have and maintain boundaries and know that having expectations and standards is ok, you will never be happy. People who want to use you will find you and manipulate your weaknesses like a hacker they will find those holes and exploit them. You must stick to your guns, your boundaries, what you will and won't allow. Establish a list of non-negotiables and stick to it. If someone loves you and truly cares they won't give you an emotional ride they will nurture what they find special in you and promote the positive, not exploit your weaknesses and insecurities. Love is not misery, it is not supposed to hurt. It is better to be alone than to be with someone who leaves you feeling lonely. All you ever needed was you, take care to take care of yourself first, foremost, and always.

Instant Gratification

In this world of instant gratification we have become whiny little needy babies who want it ALL NOW! When we don't get our way we bitch and moan like we are entitled without putting any effort in whatsoever. Learning to control these urges and not be controlled by them is a great way to free yourself from the confines of wanting it NOW. Put your phones away, log off the internet, unplug for a day, let your self truly relax and unwind. It is hard to fully relax and unwind, to even control our racing minds, but we must learn control and to not be obsessed with the feelings of instant gratification. If you want to learn self-control and a will this is where to start. Turn off your mind, meditate, enjoy the simple riches of life and nature, simply breathe, relax your tenses, unplug and let goooo...

Your Ruin was Thinking I Needed You

Your ruin was thinking I needed you so you could disrespected me, lie to my face, cheat, and steal. I never needed you and I especially never deserved to be treated like that, so don’t be surprised that I left you at a drop of a dime; cause you ain’t worth the money or the time. I never needed you, I needed me and now I have myself back, and you can't take that away.