Nov 15, 2013

Where is your Attention Wandering?

We cannot fully understand each other if we do not actively listen to each other. I must know what it is to be you, to walk in your shoes, to see from your perspective… without this comprehension I cannot fully understand your actions, reactions, and feelings. Nor can you understand me if I am not given that same amount of focus and respect. When I talk please take the time to really listen, to hear me, and empathize with what I am saying.When I talk imagine yourself as me, how would you feel if you were actually me? Often we are bumbling around fidgeting with gadgets distracted by the TV, radio, cell phones we often forget what is important our mere interactions with each other. Turn everything off including your mind and want to interrupt and interject, listen actively. For isn’t the most important things our relationships with each other? When we look back at our lives do we want to look at how we missed so much by placing our focus on the TV and other inanimate superficial things? I loathe to think all the wasted hours, days, weeks, months, years will have accumulated at the end of our lives on things so unimportant. Spend time listening to the people you love, know them, understand them, emphatically listen, you might find that AMAZING has been sitting right there next to you on the couch. No, TV show is going to ever give you that. Ever.