Oct 28, 2013

The Love of Fear

Fear shapes us and changes us, holds us back from being who we really want to be. Fear of love. Fear of judgment. Fear of being alone, or being with someone who can and could crush us. We are all shaped and molded by the things we allow ourselves to fear. I read a line about relationships how each of us come together with fear in our hearts, even if there is hope, there will always be an overshadow of fear. I am “Fearful that we’ll stop playing in the lines of one another's stories.” Relationships are the hardest and most beautiful things we can subject ourselves to, possibly the most painful and/or euphoric. Unlike any relationship love relationships are the most complicated, calculated, and sometimes conditional. You open your heart to love, to someone, and you become vulnerable to that love and that person. In love you can go one day from complete and utter infatuation to never having them in your life again, simple as that poof they're gone. Some people try to control it or run from it, and some lucky few flourish in it. The strange thing about loving someone is you can never truly see their intentions and into their hearts, which is the basis of all the fear. We must learn to have blind trust or love will eventually slip through our fingers like grains of sand. We must learn to shed the fear, dance in the darkness, allow ourselves to love and to be loved fully and know that having that fear is what makes it so beautiful and wondrous.