Dec 27, 2013


Jealousy is like a vice grip squeezing the love and joy out of our relationships; it's like squeezing a burning coal hoping for a diamond.

Jealousy perpetuates the situations that which we fear. If someone is making you insecure you need to evaluate if it is justified or not, if it is get out. If not you will eventually bring upon yourself that which you fear like a self-inflicting wound. You have to know that you are deserving of the best. If the person you are with is not giving you that you have the choice to get out or deal with it. If you have confidence in yourself you will inevitably be more attractive; rather than being insecure, jealous, and controlling. If the person is going to do you harm, they are going to do it no matter how you try to control the situation that is on them so proving they are unworthy of your love anyways. Why worry unnecessarily about something that hasn't happened? Be secure, be outgoing, focus your life on yourself. Not everything can be controlled don't perpetuate bad situations.