Aug 26, 2014

Humility, humanity, and humble

I am sick of people making gossip a conversation. Judging others and placing labels. Better than and holier than thou. In all truth your weakness is in the your inability to be humble, compassionate, and tolerant. Who taught you this behavior was ok? Shame on them and shame on you. I will no longer feed into your negative vortex. I will choose to remain silent and simply walk away. 

I have slowly started to realize that I have either become too sensitive or intolerant to other people's negativity. In life we learn defense mechanisms to protect ourselves from harm; I feel I have become trapped to this conditioning of self. We learn from those we know, especially those we love; starting at a very young age. If we are negatively influenced or hurt by those we care about it changes the fabric of our identity and how we interact with the world. We create our own "issues". I have learned that "I love you" and "Trust me" are all too often said as a compulsive act, without meaning; sometimes it is a complete lie. We learn to hide our feelings and who we truly are because of fear. I am sick of protecting myself from selfish hurtful people. I am sick of negativity; feeding into it because it has be come the norm. People gossip and talk behind each other's back; stabbing them while they are there. People defend their bad behavior pushing their judgements on one another "Don't you agree?" People no longer have substance or authenticity; relationships are hollow and the people in them are shallow. 

I will no longer participate in gossip, labeling, judging, or any negativity. Fighting is a waste of time and only perpetuates the negative cycle. People are ok with their behavior or they wouldn't be doing it. Sadly, I have to try to learn to teach myself to not be afraid of love, of making friends, putting myself out there, being generous and helpful. I don't want to limit myself and being a good person because there are so many takers and users; stop being so selfish. 

How many people are lost in the wash because of our own negative behavior. It is time to cleanse our souls; return to the age of innocence, purity, love and compassion. We do not start out like this we unfortunately learn from our environment; think of the things you have learned and how you use defense mechanism to protect yourself from truly getting close to other people. Take time everyday to go beyond your comfort zone and put yourself out there, be kind, tolerant, helpful, generous, loving...