Sep 3, 2014


"You must love yourself first before someone else can love you"

This saying means you have to have enough love for yourself to not accept anything less than amazing. Your love for yourself will teach people how to love you and what you deserve. When you love yourself you are perfect and fine singularly alone, you are whole, you are one. Until your love for self outweighs the bullshit you will continue to accept less, you are stronger, better, and worth way more. If you are having doubts, or negative feelings, check them against the measure of your own self-worth... What do you deserve? Draw that line and make it high!

Manipulators and users don't think of anything but their own means to an end. Setting personal boundaries and knowing when to say "No." is your power and right. Use it to protect yourself from being used and abused. Set your limits; know what you can and absolutely cannot accept, then strictly enforce it. Sometimes, you have to be strong for yourself and what you stand for even if that means walking your own path. Only you can allow/feel what you accept; respect yourself enough to demand that other’s respect you. If they cannot respect your boundaries then are they even worth it? If they are acting badly then they are obviously ok with their own bad behavior, or they wouldn’t be doing it in the first place. Calling them out on what they do is a waste of time and effort. Remember, they are the only one’s responsible for themselves; you cannot change people. Simply get up, say nothing, and walk away. Sometimes, that is all some people deserve; especially yourself, keep your dignity don’t be tempted to stoop to their level that is what they want so they can then deflect it back on you. Do not absorb the bullshit and never lower yourself for other people who just can’t get it. You are worth more and better than that, trust your intuition.