Jan 20, 2014


There comes a time when you stop putting up with other people’s bullshit. Some people just can’t see things from your perspective because they are too busy with their own inner turmoil. No matter what you are going to be the asshole for sticking up for yourself and calling people out, I am sorry having boundaries and expectations makes me a complete and utterly fucked up individual, that admitting my feelings and insecurities eventually means they will be used against me. Some people will fail you simply because they are also afraid. It is truly sad when we have to build up walls and defense mechanisms to push people out to protect ourselves from being hurt by each other, when in all honesty we all want the same things but are too damaged to know how to go about getting them. We harden ourselves and perpetuate a cycle that descends down the rabbit hole. Wanting and holding onto things in a forever changing and evolving world is just a fabricated lie proved true with time.