Nov 3, 2013

Letting Go and Saying No

Sometimes if things aren't going your way or you feel uncomfortable you just have to say "no, no more, stop" and walk away. Following your feelings and intuition when you feel compromised is up to you, you have the right be treated well and demand it. Some people are just not capable of giving you what you need, anymore people are innately selfish and entitled without putting the effort in "Me, me, me". They will use and abuse until they suck you dry. You have to stick to your guns and walk away, those people aren't worth it, wasted time and space. Ask yourself what is in it for me, would this person turn around and do that for you which they are asking of you?

Vicious Cycles

Remember where you invest your heart is where you invest your life, constantly doing the same thing is going to give you the same results. If you want love let someone earn it, sex does not equal love and kiss aren't contracts. Constantly seeking the same type of person who has always disappointed you is like a self inflicted wound. Step off the vicious cycle treadmill and make sure you're investing yourself in emotionally available people who are worthy and reciprocal. You shouldn't have to play mind games, chase them or force yourself into their life, people who want you will prove it and earn it. Let them chase you, respect you, and make sure you are looking for the same things prior to emotionally investing yourself into someone who is just an empty vessel unable to be fulfilled. If they are making you an option, you need to definitely keep your options open when they are. Don't invest yourself into someone who is not investing themselves into you. Remember you're worth it don't lower yourself for anyone, ever, your not desperate. If you want to be treated right make sure their actions are speaking the truth, actions speak louder than words; it will save you from wasted time and heartache.