Nov 6, 2013

Your Inner Child

I want you to take a moment and visualize your inner child what does he/she look like? What condition are they in? What are they wearing? What is the expression on their face? What emotions are they displaying? Now ask it what does it need?

I want you to visualize yourself first hugging it and telling it “It is all going to be ok” repeatedly, as if it was your own child, while visualizing yourself actually giving it what it needs. As you give it what it needs ask yourself if as an adult if you can gratify these needs for your inner child? How do you feel now that you have given your inner child what it needs?

I want you to now realize whatever trauma or needs your inner child has it is now up to you as an adult to be able to provide yourself with these things, it is no longer the fault of our incapable parents or anyone else. You can see their wrongs and know that you are above doing those things perpetuating the negative cycle; you have experienced it, lived, and learned from it. We now have to take complete and total responsibility of our adult selves and our own personal/spiritual growth. We can no longer place the blame on our parents or the people who were supposed to love us we must release them of this and forge our own path to self-love. You and only you can give yourself what you need.

Your Perfect Self

Picture what you visualize as your most perfect self. What are you doing? What is your facial expression? What emotions are you emitting? What does seeing yourself like this make you feel?

Now get out a pen and paper and write down what exactly is holding you back from realizing your perfect self? Fear, insecurities, judgments, prejudices, inadequacies, worthlessness, shame, guilt? Now think of yourself 50 years from now what are you going to regret? Not realizing this perfect self and going outside of your boundaries, trying your limitations, and experiencing life? Don’t hold yourself back test your comfort zone, extend yourself, practice your will to work on yourself and actually DO IT! You have the control, use it!

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